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The best time for you to create a life of abundance is right now.
Learn how with the Flourish Boldly program...
— Cath Doocey, Program Founder

 Welcome Beautiful xo

What a pleasure is to welcome you to Flourish Boldly - a program designed to help you find greater fulfillment, joy, and connection in


If you’ve tried it all and have still been left wanting, then good news awaits….

There’s {finally!} a way for you to learn what it takes to find all the good feels in a true and lasting manner.


Read on if you can identify with following being present in your life RIGHT NOW…

The hustling and daily struggle is leaving you feeling EXHAUSTED


You’re FED UP with feeling unfulfilled, dissatisfied, disengaged, unhappy with where you are right now


You feel like you’re STUCK in an emotional groundhog day


You know you are NOT LIVING TO YOUR FULL POTENTIAL of happiness and wellbeing


If you’re nodding along to even one of the above, then BREATHE A SIGH OF RELIEF sister,

as there is finally a {lasting} way for you to find freedom from the struggle and…


- FEEL more engaged and motivated -

- Strengthen your relationships -

- Create a deeper sense of meaning and purpose to what you do -

- Experience a sense of accomplishment -


- Flourish -

If these are outcomes you’re longing for {regardless of whether or not you think they are possible for you}, then you’ve found a safe pair of hands to help you discover how to create them, step by step, moment by moment. They ARE possible for you, because they were how you were designed to live…



The driving mission of Flourish Boldly is to help thousands of women around the world to shed their

struggling, striving, and stressing

so they can find more

joy, meaningful connection, and fulfillment




This includes learning how to:

  • See the strengths you have been blessed with that make you uniquely YOU {and how using them helps light you up from the inside out}

  • Deepen your insight of how you process challenges, setbacks, failures so you can begin to see these things in a different light

  • Peel back the cover to find what really matters to you and brings you a sense of meaning and purpose in life


Together, these areas will help you to experiencing deep and lasting change in your heart, mind, and circumstances



 Hi there…

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Dear You,

Hi there lovely one, my name is Cath and it’s a pleasure to introduce myself and my baby - Flourish Boldly - to you.

I am a Christian, a psychologist, a wife, a mama and a TOTAL optimist who helps people looks for 'what they can' rather than 'what they can't' do. It brings me joy to help others find theirs, no matter their current state of wellbeing.

If you've found yourself in a place where you are feeling less than your best, I can help you get on the path to better days so you can find greater joy, meaningful connection, and fulfillment.

I do this through the Flourish Boldly Program which applies the science of psychology from a Christian perspective to help you find what REALLY matters when it comes to ‘finding your flourish’, and helps you get to the heart of what makes you wonderfully YOU {so you can do more of the things you were designed to do}.

I’m truly delighted that you’ve continued to scroll down and are reading this letter right now - not everyone does, so that says there’s something has sparked your interest thus far. I strongly encourage you to continue exploring the website to see if you find ‘the thing’ that might be what helps you move forward so you can…


If you feel you have settled for less, but know you were made for MORE, then you might just have found the answer you were looking for… and may the answer you find be the thing that helps you find all that you long for.

Read on sister…!

Cath xo


 Taste and see…

start something EXCEPTIONAL…

Find out what foundations the path to flourishing is laid upon through my first ever eBook,

‘Free to Flourish: A Fresh Take on the Art and Science of thriving in LOVE | CAREER | LIFE’

Through the pages of this book {and don’t worry, there are only 86 of them, so it’ can be read in a day or two!} you will be introduced to the core concepts that the Flourish Boldly Program explores in detail. If the book gives you what you need to get started on creating a life that’s ‘better’, then that’s fantastic - what a joy it will be for me to have given you a kickstart! But if you find you want to go further than the starting blocks, that’s where the program comes into it’s own in guiding you to the next level…

You don’t have anything to lose by buying ‘Free to Flourish’, but you have the potential to receive a whole lotta goodness in what it covers.

Click the button below to find out what this includes…


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