Flourish Boldly is for you if…

Out of the beautifully unique and varied women who have engaged in the Flourish Boldly program, there are some similar characteristics between them that you might share too….

  • She was not herself and was not living to her potential, yet wanted desperately to find her spark again

  • She was tired of being duped by all the ‘bright and shiny’ things she tried that promised to make her happier but never quite measured up

  • She would daydream about what a ‘better’ future would look like, and when she saw others achieving what she wanted, it sent her further into the depths of despair

  • She had come to the conclusion that her continued unhappiness meant there was something wrong with her, or that it was somehow her fault


  • Something shifted in her that helped her find the motivation to do ‘whatever it took’ to change her circumstances for the better

  • She knew that the point in love, career or life that she was currently at was NOT where she wanted to stay

  • She was on her knees, prayerfully seeking God's direction in her path to change

  • She stepped forward in faith to engage in the Flourish Boldly Program, even though she was feeling all the feels (a mix of trepidation, fear, skepticism, unsureness balanced with a dash of hope…)

    If you see yourself in even 1 of the above points, then rest assured Flourish Boldly is for you…

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