What's your answer when opportunity knocks?

It’s amazing the doors that can be opened when you answer ‘yes’ to a call… I did this recently when an opportunity to be interviewed on radio was presented, where I was able to share my story and how it led me to set up the Flourish Boldly Program.

Listening to it, you will hear I am (unintentionally!) raw and vulnerable throughout, but in a world of fake, I think this can highlight when someone is the real deal and has a genuine heart to help others… (P.s. I didn’t expect to cry while I was speaking, but it just came out at one point!)

You can find a link to this interview inside this post.

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Catherine Doocey
When the world says it’s wrong, but your heart says it’s right

Have you ever wanted something so badly you could feel it all the way to your core? When you think about it, your heart skips a beat, tears well in your eyes, and you tingle all over?

It’s all you can think about, when you wake first thing in the morning, lay down last thing at night, in between tasks… it’s there.

If something comes to mind for you with this, it’s likely to be linked with your ‘heart’s desire’.

Read the latest blog piece to find out more about how you can find yours, possibly sooner than you think.

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Catherine Doocey
Without this, you have no hope...

It is becoming increasingly clear that the endless pursuit of happiness through just ‘doing what makes you happy’ can take you further away from your goal than when you started.

You’ll know this to be true when what you do to make yourself happy only lasts a short while, perhaps even for but a mere moment, and you find you go back to how you felt before {which at a guess, is less than happy}.

If it’s your desire to have ‘happy’ as your natural resting state {the emotion to which you revert after all is said and done}, then read on as this post goes into what might just make the difference for you…

Take heart beloved, there is always hope xo

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Catherine Doocey
Do you like my new tag line?

Find freedom. Start flourishing.

Do you feel like ‘free’ and ‘flourishing’ aren’t quite words you would use to describe yourself? That’s ok… I’m here to tell you this is not out of the question for you.

There is a way for you to:

~ Free yourself from the burdens weighing you down

~ Gain a deeper, lasting, sense of joy in your heart

~ Have a practical game plan to get you to where you want to be

~ Experience a renewed sense of HOPE that there is more in store for you


If these are things you long for, this one’s for you.

Read on beloved xo

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Catherine DooceyComment
You can add meaning in your life by focusing on this

Meaning and purpose in life… it’s a question for the ages. If you can answer ‘yes’ to some of these questions, it’s an indicator that there might be something in this blog piece for you.

HINT: It’s got something to do with the fast-paced world we live in.

>>>Be warned, this article may raise more questions than it answers for you, but that’s ok, there is a great way for you to find the answers…!<<<

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Feeling unfulfilled? It could be because of this

So many women I speak with at the moment are feeling stuck, unfulfilled, unmotivated, lacking their spark, disengaged, stressed, or just blah. There is HOPE though as things don't have to stay this way.

This blog post introduces why this might be the case, and poses some questions to help you explore how you can get unstuck and start flourishing in LOVE ~ CAREER ~ LIFE. Be blessed beloved xo

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Catherine Doocey
When failure knocks, what you think matters more than you might think

"Wowser, that was a spectacular failure. A total disaster. I’ll avoid ever doing that again".

Ever found yourself thinking things like this? I know I have! It’s likely that most of us have at one time or another, and a lot of it is due to our in-built negativity bias. So if it’s in-built in us and we all do it, well, it can’t be that bad, right?! 


It’s important that we mind our mind when things don’t go to plan, as this shapes our eventual success. Let me explain...

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Catherine Doocey
The effects of focusing on your mistakes...

"Your emails are good Cath, but you had a spelling mistake in your last one. You should watch that in the future..."

This was the feedback from my father on one of my recent Flourish emails. To his credit, he actually reads each one - thanks dad - but it begs the question of what's more important... taking action with a few imperfections, or checking over something a thousand times, and never feeling like it's 'quite right' so you either waste a heap of time, or never end up doing the 'thing'?

I know what I'd prefer, and I know what the research says is a healthier option for our emotional and mental wellbeing...

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Catherine Doocey
The secrets to happiness... {according to a 3 year old}

Don't you just love the innocence of kids? 'Out of the mouths of babes' is mostly HILARIOUS, but sometimes scarily accurate! In this blog post I share some of the wisdom from my 3 year old, as I actually think much of it is quite applicable to what the research says about happiness {and just goes to show, you don't need a degree in psychology to understand the basic fundamentals of the human need for happiness...} 

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Catherine Doocey