'Character strengths' - do you know yours and what they can do for your happiness?

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'Character strengths'... what are yours?

I was asked what my 'character strengths' were in a job interview once, and I don't know that I did myself any favours with my response...

It was early in my career, I wasn't that experienced at interviews, and the 'strengths' question threw me - I'd been coached to answer questions about what my weaknesses were!! Right, well, so what were my strengths? Ummm, let me think now... shopping? Nope, that's got nothing to do with your character. Try again. Talking? Not really, but closer than the 'shopping' response {which incidentally, I only thought it, I didn't actually say it!!}. Being friendly? Getting there. Listening. Yes, that's getting better. Attuned to others. Yes, keep going. Encouraging others. You got it.

If you were asked what your strengths were, would you know what they are? With certainty? Off the top of your head?

I can't say I remember exactly what I said in answer to that question, but I can tell you it wasn't something I had really thought about at that time! I'm sure I fumbled my way through a response though {and I got the job, so I can't have been that bad!!}. 

Have you ever been asked what your character strengths are? If you were asked, do you know the answer? For many of us it's not something we had really thought about unless we've been asked the question.

We're so used to focusing on weaknesses, aren't we?

In life, it's easy to think that if we 'fixed' what was wrong, we would be happier. If we worked on that part of our character that was our {apparent} downfall, it would make us good at our jobs. If what was wrong was corrected, then all would be right.

But that's a bit back-to-front if you ask me.

Just because you remove something that's not going well, doesn't mean everything will start going right. Let's take my husband and his dislike of our cats as an example... if we weren't to have the cats anymore, it's not going to make him happy {despite that being what he thinks, lol!}, it will simply make him less annoyed {it's the hair you see, he HATES getting covered in cat hair}. The absence of annoyance does not equal the presence of happiness, it just brings him to a neutral state of emotion. 

Linking this in with weaknesses/strengths, working on removing a weakness does not make it a strength, it just neutralises the impact of the weakness. 

So what do we do instead? Well, we focus on using our strengths, and making them even stronger.

How motivational is that hey!? Imagine you get to use your core character strengths every day, that would be great. 

In fact, research shows that developing and using your character strengths helps you feel happier, more engaged, and gives you a greater sense of meaning to your life. These are all things that many of us want.

Which brings me back around to my original question; do you know what your character strengths are {FYI, we all have 24 character strengths that we use in different degrees, giving every person a unique profile}? 

And if so, are you creating the opportunities to use them every day? Those who use their character strengths every day are 3 x MORE LIKELY to report having excellent quality of life, and are 6 x MORE LIKELY to be more engaged at work.

As part of the Flourish Boldly program, participants complete a Character Strengths assessment with a 1:1 debrief on their results, followed by a 6 week, live facilitated, online program to help know and leverage character strengths so as to flourish boldly in LIFE . LOVE . CAREER. This is because knowing and using your character strengths is key to helping you thrive.

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With love + joy

Cath xo

'Why live with less when you were made for more'? 
- Cath Doocey

Catherine Doocey