Life lessons from online shopping

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Have you ever found a bargain whilst shopping that got you excited!? 

I know I have! I love me a good bargain. And suffice it to say, I find this time of year particularly delightful - not only do we have Christmas and New Years celebrations {oh, and my birthday is in there somewhere as well!}, but we have the after-Christmas sales, ahhhh, what joy!! 

Shopping is quite a happy indulgence of mine, but I'm not one to enjoy the 'elbows-out/game-face-on' hustle amongst the throngs of other post-Christmas bargain hunters {keep it classy people, just sayin'}.

So what does one do instead of hustling? Well, one hops online and shops from the comfort of her own couch doesn't she {and for me also usually includes one or both my girls on my lap - talk about #mumlife lol!}

But well might you be asking, "aaaannndd you're telling me this because...?" 

Great question {I'd probably be asking the same thing if I didn't know where I was going with this, ha ha!}. 

On the surface online shopping has nothing to do with what I am usually on about {i.e. flourishing, positive psychology, personal development, goal setting, success, etc.}, but underneath it has everything to do with it {SIDE NOTE: one thing you'll come to understand about me is that I can often find inspiration/insight in the most random of places!!}

So, true to form, I was doing some online post-Christmas last week which bagged me an amazing 75% off bargain {yes, that's it in the photo above, complete with my resident photo-bomber!}. As I waited for my parcel to arrive, rather than get impatient I had a sense of anticipation. I was excited to get my hands on this little number {although now I have it, I'm not convinced the embroidery on the shoulder is exactly my thing - one of the downsides of online shopping I suppose!}. In recognising my feelings of anticipation though, I had an insight... online shopping builds emotional muscle in the area of 'delayed gratification'. Awesome!

And this is an incredibly IMPORTANT skill to have...

The ability to delay gratification is one of the foundations of achieving success in life. Studies have shown that the more people learn how to manage their need to be satisfied in the moment, the greater their chance is of flourishing in their careers, relationships, health, and finances. 

Having said that, delaying gratification isn’t always the easiest skill to acquire, especially now in our 'instant' society. Delaying gratification often involves feeling dissatisfied/impatient/fed-up {and the list could go on}, which are things most of us actively avoid. However, making the effort to build your self-discipline and manage your impulses can result in bigger or better rewards in the future. Over time, delaying gratification will improve your self-control and ultimately help you achieve your long-term goals faster.

So, humour me if you will and think about yourself and your actions... When given the choice, are you able to wait for things you really want, even if it involves sacrificing pleasure and satisfaction now? Do you make decisions based on what feels good now, or on a bigger picture / purpose? Do you sometimes give up too soon and see things as having failed instead of being a stepping stone to success?

The ability to exercise self-control and delay gratification is critical if you are to achieve the goals you have set for yourself this year. 

And the good news in all of this is, you can totally grow your skills in this area! If this is something you'd like to look further into, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. I'm here to help! 

Shoot me a message through the Contact page and I'll get back to you asap.

Love, Cath xo

'Why live with less when you were made for more'? 
- Cath Doocey

Catherine Doocey