An open letter for women settling for less but know they were made for more

"…I’d felt so stuck for so many years that I didn’t even know where to begin to get unstuck. So I prayed for an answer, and a few days later, there you were {Cath}. I’ve gained so much already from your program, and I know this is just the beginning" 

– Flourish Boldly Program participant

This is a story of hope...
The above quote is what one of the participants of the Flourish Boldly program said to me last night during a 1:1 session. She had come to me having been in a place of discontent for years. She is accomplished in her career, devotes her life to helping children with special needs, as well as serving in her church; yet despite this meaningful work, she still felt as though something was lacking. You see, it’s good work, but it’s draining her rather than filling her up, therefore it’s not fulfilling her calling in life. 

Through participating in the Flourish Boldly program, she has discovered she was looking for fulfilment in the wrong places.
But has now started looking in the right places. Through the development process, she has worked out what makes her ‘soul sing’, and is now embarking on a process to get to a place of not just surviving, but thriving. It’s not going to happen overnight {this isn’t a quick fix program}, but she is well on her way because she has now removed the greatest blockage, and that was knowing where to start. Through participating in this program and working 1:1 with me, her spark has been re-ignited, and she is now working on visioning her future and what practical steps she needs to take to make her dreams a reality and find true fulfillment.

Could this story be yours?
The answer is yes, if you want it to be. However I am a firm believer that personal transformation will come when you are ready. You might want this to be your story, but now might not be your time. That’s ok. You have permission to not be ready {yet...} It’s often the case that things to have been bad enough for long enough before we find the motivation to change our circumstances; it's human nature. And that’s ok if that’s you right now. But perhaps you are at the point of change... you’re tired of being in a rut, you're tired of not fulfilling your potential, tired of thinking, "is this all there is? There's got to be more", "where do I even start?", or "who am I to do that {whatever 'that' is that lights you up}?". If that's what you're asking, then the Flourish Boldly program has your answers.

So are you ready for change?
Are you at the point where you've settled for less for long enough? Where you knowthere's meant to be more for you in LOVE ~ CAREER ~ LIFE? That you used to have a ‘spark’, but for one reason or another, it’s been snuffed out? If so, I can confidently assure you that this program will help you get unstuck, re-ignited, and start you on the path to flourishing. The program has been described as being "really personal, and all about me and where I’m at, but I've learnt so much from listening to the others talk too" {not my words, clearly! This was participant feedback} and there couldn’t be truer words spoken. 

This is a really powerful program.
And if you’re ready to go deep, you will gain the insights you need to change yourself for the better. Your hand is held throughout, and you are lovingly supported and nurtured in your journey of transformation. It's challenging, stretching, difficult {at times}, yet highly enjoyable. There's lots of laughter, some tears, and friendships formed as you journey with the other women in your group.

If that’s what you want, now is your time.
If you've waited long enough, then now is your time to make the change you so desperately seek. I consider it a great privilege to help women remove the mindset blockages, rise up, and start flourishing. I don’t take this lightly; it is an honour to help those struggling, stuck, disengaged, unmotivated, unfulfilled, unhappy, disappointed, find joy, re-engagement, meaning and purpose in LOVE ~ CAREER ~ LIFE. Truth be told, I'm in my happy place helping you find yours!

But if you’re still unsure…
Then I encourage you to schedule a clarity call with me. This is a free 30 min consultation to talk through your circumstances, the program, and what you can expect to gain if you were to participate.

But if you're ready, then registrations are now open for the April cohort!!
If now is your time, don't wait, jump onto the website to register today and if you join the mailing list and/or the Bold Babes closed facebook group, you can recieve a 61% discount as my gift to you. 

Registrations have been extended until AFTER EASTER and will now close on Wednesday 4th April. Cohorts are capped at 6 women, so it's first in first served. 

The next program kicks off online on Monday April 9th 2018 @8:30pm AEDT and runs at the same time each week until Monday 14th May 2018. Between registering and the program starting you will be invited to take a character strengths assessment and have a 1:1 debrief with me. This will help us to get to know each other ahead of time, and will set you up to go right from Session 1 {start as you mean to continue I say!}.

Can't wait to meet you!! 

With love + joy,

Cath xo


'Why live with less when you were made for more'? 
- Cath Doocey

Catherine Doocey