You can add meaning in your life by focusing on this

What do you reckon.. do you feel like you lack meaning, purpose, and direction in your life? 

If you're not sure, some sure fire indicators are:

  • You jump from job to job but don't really progress your career
  • You're not sure what you're doing is making a difference to anyone or anything
  • You feel as though you're coasting aimlessly through life
  • Your days are busy but not fulfilling
  • The things you do that you think will be meaningful leave you feeling empty soon enough
  • You can't definitively answer the question of how you make a difference in the lives of others

If you can answer yes to any of the above, keep reading!

I did a piece on technology last week and how that has inadvertently served to make us more busy, and I'm going to extend that and say our ever present 'busyness', actually takes time away from the important things - the things that give our life meaning and purpose, the things that give us a motivating sense of direction.

Most of us are so busy just keeping our head above water from our ever expanding 'to-do' list, that it stresses us out, rushes us around, makes us feel as though we never quite accomplish all that we want to, and takes away our crucial 'down time' {the time we need to reset, recalibrate, and recharge our batteries} 

Can you see yourself in that? {I used to be able to!}

I can honestly say that I've experienced ALL those dot points above in the past. And it was probably around the time I hit rock bottom in my late 20's that I was given the wakeup call I needed - that I needed to get myself right working from the inside out and become rock solid in what gave my life meaning, purpose and direction. 

And what a sweet release it was to step into the freedom I know today.

But this piece isn't about me and my story - you can read that on my website - it's actually about what a colleague of mine wrote about his research findings on the impacts of the 'get-it-in-an-instant', 'surface-level', 'skim-it' world we live in today. His name is Seph Fontane Pennock {Co-Founder of the Positive Psychology Program, Netherlands}

It really resonated with me and I felt compelled to share with you. Here's the key points he had to share...


With suicide, depression, drug abuse, and burnout symptoms at an all-time high, we can’t help but wonder; what is the reason for this ‘meaning crisis’ we find ourselves in?

We’ve been doing a lot of research into this lately and here is what we’ve found so far..

The deeper you can go in an experience, the more absorbed and engaged you are, the more likely you will experience it as meaningful.

If I could only share one thing with you, it would be that to have meaning you need depth.

So why is there a lack of depth? Because its opposite - shallowness - runs rampant. Here are some of the primary causes:

  • decreasing reliance on God/prayer in society leaving a hole that does not seem to get filled by anything substantial
  • social media and the state of constant distraction it leads to
  • smartphone usage leading to shorter attention spans and a decreasing ability to connect properly with other human beings in real life
  • the increasing complexity of modern life resulting from technological advancement
  • instant gratification of services like Netflix, Google, Amazon, Facebook, home delivery of food etc., teaching us that commitment and effort are no longer necessary to get what we want

Here is the thing: you can’t order meaning. There’s no next day delivery. It doesn’t come with napkins. It’s not one click away and is most certainly not to be found on your smartphone.

Real meaning comes from connecting deeply to something outside yourself, with other people, while exercising your personal strengths, growing and challenging yourself in the service of a goal that needs you to be stronger than you currently are.

Eliminating shallowness is not a matter of throwing out our smartphones and living "meaningfully" ever after. No. True depth requires more.

Now this may raise more questions than it answers for you {sorry, not sorry, lol!}. 

But that's ok, because there are many ways to find the answers to the questions this raises. Just one of those ways is through my Flourish Boldly program, as it's all about this very thing.. helping women find freedom and flourish. We do this by helping participants understand their strengths, values, and how they can leverage these to live a life of more...

More satisfaction.
More fulfillment. 
More purpose. 
More joy.
More YOU! 

If you’d like to talk further about this, book a clarity call with me or visit my website to learn more about the program and coaching packages. 

Talk soon!

With love + joy
Cath xo

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