Do you like my new tag line?

Find freedom. Start flourishing. 

That's my new tag line. Am I allowed to say that I think it's pretty neat?

{Probably goes without saying that I think it is, given I came up with it and all!}

I find 'simple and direct' is often the best way to say what you want to say - do you agree? And that's how I like to operate - using plain language {aka, simple} in a lovingly honest way {aka, direct, but with with a spoonful of sugar!}

So, in a lovingly direct kind of way, I want you to know that my heart's desire is for you to find freedom and start flourishing in your relationships, your career, and your life.

Is that where your heart is at right now too?

If so, you can do that through working with me as a participant of the Flourish Boldly program, or through individual 1:1 coaching

Imagine achieving these outcomes:

~ Free yourself from the burdens weighing you down

~ Gain a deeper, lasting, sense of joy in your heart

~ Have a practical game plan to get you to where you want to be

~ Experience a renewed sense of HOPE that there is more in store for you


Do you want this too?! Well take heart my dear, because you can have it by participating in the Flourish Boldly program, or through 1:1 coaching.

REGISTER NOW for the May program as registrations close this coming FRIDAY 27TH APRIL.  

Here's what Eloise, one of the beautiful past participants had to say about the program {quoted directly, with permission}:

"The Flourish Boldly program helped me see clearly what was holding me back in my life and provided ways to deal with the obstacles! Would 100% recommend" 

As a participant or a coachee you can look forward to being refreshed, renewed, revived and regenerated to a better place than you've ever been before. 

Now is your time to stand up, step out, and BOLDLY say yes to you.

Register for the program here today {and as a subscriber to my mailing list, you get a 40% discount as my thanks to you for being on this journey with me}. 

Alternatively, you can apply here for 1:1 coaching.

If however you’ve got a few things to run through before registering, book a clarity call with me chat further about the program and coaching packages. 

Would love to hear from you soon.

With love + joy
Cath xo

Find freedom. Start Flourishing. 

P.S. If you like to skip to the bottom for the key points, here they are: you can find freedom and start flourishing by jumping onto the next cohort of the Flourish Boldly program - register here today. Or you may wish to explore 1:1 coaching with me - you can apply for that here. Simple {and direct, lol}!

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