When the world says it’s wrong, but your heart says it’s right


Have you ever wanted something so badly you could feel it all the way to your core? When you think about it, your heart skips a beat, tears well in your eyes, and you tingle all over?

It’s all you can think about…

When you go to sleep, it’s there. When you wake up, it’s there. When you go about your day, it’s there. You can distract yourself from the thoughts for sections of time, but even when something else has taken your attention, it’s still there, waiting for you to focus on it again.

This may be positive or it may be negative, but either way, when it’s a deep longing, it’s visceral.

Do you know what I’m talking about?

Have you ever experienced it?

Are you experiencing it with something in your life right now?

Oh dear one, I would so love to know what’s coming to mind as you read the above, to sit down over a coffee and talk through all that’s coming up as you think about the deep desires that sit within your heart.

We all have them, some of us are just more aware of what they are than others.

I am very aware of the deep desires of my heart right now – it’s all consuming for me and is requiring a great deal more sacrifice than I ever imagined it would.

If you will, let me take a moment to share with you what they are…

For some time now, my heart has burned for women who have a deep desire for change in their life…

…who know they were made for more than they have settled for right now

…who desperately want to turn a corner so they can regain that sense of hope for the better days that are soon to come

… who are ready to rise up, and take action.

It is my heart’s desire to sow into the lives of women – those who have settled for less and are not at their best, to help them find hope, healing, and a practical way forward. It’s my desire to get down in the ‘hole’ with them (so to speak), so I can help them rise up and find the joy, fulfilment, and connection in their life that was tailor made for them by the One who loves them, just as they are.


More joy.

More fulfilment.

More connection.

But all too often, somewhere along the way, we buy into a lie that we’re not worthy of more, or not capable of finding it, so we stop trying. This then blinds us to the truth of our worthiness and our unique capabilities, and makes it all the more difficult to see, let alone find, what ‘more’ even looks like.

So, for many of us, we need someone to speak truth into our lives, to help us get back to living the flourishing life we were designed to live.

And yes, I think we could all do with a little help in this way, regardless of where we are at in life.

Even she who appears on the surface to have the life that’s great, often has far more going on under the surface than she lets on…

…it may be a difficult relationship (or lack thereof)

…it may be difficulties starting a family

…it may be a rough patch in her marriage

…it may be a challenging job that’s shaking her confidence to the core

…it may be health issues

…it may be loneliness

…it may be unfulfillment

…it may be comparison to those around her that leaves her feeling as though she’s lacking

…it may be fear of rejection

…it may be feeling inadequate

…it may be a lost connection with the very thing/s that give her life the most meaning.

Over the years, I’ve come to realise that even though ‘she’ may not be inclined to reach out for professional help (e.g. counselling or the like), or share with others about her struggles, doesn’t mean she’s not still hurting, still broken, still unsure, still questioning herself, still insecure, still needing help.

It is this woman who my heart breaks for, and it is for this woman who I have written the Flourish Boldly program for. Deep down she is desperate for positive change in her life, but isn’t sure where to start in order to find it.

Is she you?

If you think she might be, can I let you in on a little secret?

‘She’ is many of us.

And ‘she’ may need to take 3 seconds of courage to say ‘yes’ to the offer of help.

But another little secret?

This program is not easy to say yes to.

Often, we think that if we just soldier on, chin up, get on with it, whatever is wrong will become right its own in its own time.

That may be true, time does have a way of working things out, but let me tell you, that’s the long way around to finding freedom from the pain you’re experiencing right now!

Given ‘time heals all wounds’ it’s easy to say no when presented with the question to help yourself – why bother expending effort when you know given enough time, the things that are wrong for you right now will fix themselves enough so you can function again?

I get that.

And you know how I get that?

Because I used to think the same thing.

But the thing with waiting it out and not doing anything to help yourself is that it disempowers you. You’re leaving your own healing and progression up to something external – time.

…and it takes just that, time (a painstaking amount of it too, might I add!!)

So why prolong the state you’re in when you could empower yourself and take a step toward your freedom by saying a simple ‘yes’?

And please know this, I say all of this with love.

I say all of this from the position of someone who knows first hand the pain of the pit, waiting for time to heal all my wounds.

But this I also know… nothing significant happened for me to find freedom from my situation without me making a decision for myself – that I needed to stop waiting for this to sort itself out, and that I needed to say yes to doing what was necessary to start the upward climb.

The world told me ‘time heals all wounds’ and ‘good things come to those who wait’, but I knew in my heart of hearts that seeking help was the first step in my journey to freedom, not wasting more time.

And through all of that happening 10 years ago, I come to where I am today. Healed and whole, with a burning desire on my heart to share what I know – a desire that not even the most significant of challenges to get this program out to the world has been able to stop.

It is my mission to help thousands of women, all around the globe, to stand up boldly and find freedom from struggling, striving, and stressing so they can find greater joy, fulfilment and connection.

It’s my mission to help women to FLOURISH BOLDLY in the domains of love, career, and life.

And as a result of all that, the ‘Flourish Boldly’ program was born…

Writing the program, well, that was easy.

Creating it was pretty challenging, but not insurmountable (e.g. websites, learning portals, advertising, etc. – not my forte, but all learnable!)

Pricing it… now that was almost impossible.

When something is placed on your heart as a mission, you want it to be free for all so EVERYONE who needs it can experience the transformation it brings.

But we as humans don’t work that way, and life doesn’t work that way… you get what you pay for, and when you make an investment into yourself financially, it significantly increases the likelihood of the results you can achieve.

The multiple business coaches I have engaged have all told me I should be charging thousands of dollars for my program with everything it includes and the transformation it helps participants achieve.

True story, I kid you not. Not just $1000, but thousands (plural).

So, trusting them and their advice, I started out charging that, but never felt right about it.

And (thankfully) I had a flashlight of inspiration over the business training weekend I was just at in Sydney, Australia last weekend…

This program is not here to make me rich (which is the focus of business coaches who exist to help those they lead to build profitable businesses), rather, it’s here to make YOU rich, or rather, enriched in life.

My business coach thinks I’m crazy for not ‘charging what I’m worth’, but I don’t.

When the ‘world’ tells you it’s wrong, but your heart (that is in the right place) tells you it’s right, I say go with your heart.

And that’s what I’ve done.

In the spirit of going with my heart, after much prayer and deliberation, I have dropped the price of the program, permanently.

It is now priced as an investment that is enough to warrant serious consideration (aka, you still need to consider long and hard if you’re committed enough to put money on the line to help yourself), but not so much that it’s a hindrance, or a barrier for you (not so expensive that the average person can’t say yes if they want to).

And a common truth of humans is that we value what we pay for.

So, this program has been dropped to the all-inclusive public price of AUD$497 – permanently (but for subscribers with the private registration link, it’s less).

The pricing on my website has now been updated to reflect this change.

Please know that I’m not here to ‘try and sell’ you something – I never have been, and I never will be.

Also, I’m not here to convince you this is what you need – if you need convincing then if you do it, your motivation will most likely be externally driven, and based on ‘should’ (aka, you think you should do this or that), which to me says you’re not ready (yet).

No, I’m presenting all this to the woman who is ready to stop struggling and striving so she can find the freedom she so desperately wants and needs. I’m here to help her find the ‘more’ she was made for, and set her foundations in the right ways so that she can begin to flourish, regardless of what life throws at her.

If that happens to be you, it would be my pleasure to meet you.

You can click here to find out more – and if you’re ready to act now, I’m ready to journey with you so you can…

Find Freedom. Start Flourishing.

All my love,

Cath xo

Catherine Doocey