What's your answer when opportunity knocks?

I live life with the belief that every opportunity is worth exploring.

I never want to be left wondering ‘what if’ or carrying the crippling weight of regret for never knowing what could have been if I had of uttered that one little word… ‘yes’.

So when a door was opened to me recently with an opportunity to be interviewed on radio about my life story and how I came to set up the Flourish Boldly Program, I said YES.

Was I nervous? Ha ha, of course I was!

Did I wonder if I had anything worthwhile to share? Ummm, yes…

Did I question my ability to do this? Sure I did.

BUT, was it worth putting all that aside and exploring this opportunity anyway? TOTALLY!!

As is so often the case, when we put our fears aside and step into the unknown in FAITH, the outcomes from that small little ‘yes’ are usually amazing, and doors to your greater hopes and dreams then open before your very eyes.

That’s what I’ve found time and time again, and this time was no different - what power FAITH + ACTION can have for us, hey?

If you’d like to listen to the interview (25 mins), click the link below.

In it you will hear that I am raw, real, and vulnerable in what I share.

I count it all worthwhile though… if sharing my story can give others the courage to decide that they too want to begin to mend their brokeness so they can one day flourish, then a little vulnerability is a small price for me to pay!

You see, helping others begin to flourish helps me continue to flourish, so I hope that listening to this ignites a flame inside you that starts your journey toward more joy-filled, connected, and purpose-filled days.

Enjoy the interview beautiful lady xo

Click here to access >> Cath’s Radio Interview

Catherine Doocey