A story about set-backs (and how to manage them)

Have you ever, after nearly 12 months of toil, thought you were almost there…

Only to hit a bump in the road which set you back months?

That’s where I was last week.

It wasn’t fun.

Let me take you back to Friday 29th September, 2018…

I had yet another past Flourish Boldly participant tell me the day before that they've noticed I've been less frequent in my contact in blogging/emails and that they missed it (ah bless!).

It’s very affirming to know that what you’re contributing is not only noticed when it’s there front and centre, but when it’s not there too (tells me I really am onto something with this). 

There’s definitely some truth to that observation, but it’s not entirely accurate; it may look as though I haven’t been doing much over the past few months, but it’s QUITE the opposite...

I’ve been quiet online because I've been working SO HARD off-line writing a book about what it takes to Flourish, scripting/filming/editing not one, but TWO, new development programs (with about 50 videos which is no small feat!), and creating a WHOLE HOST of gorgeous things to help embed what participants will be learning. 

All of this has taken a great deal of time to do, but then that same amount of time over and again has been spent learning a WHOLE LOTTA tech stuff (that I wish I already knew, but unfortunately didn't, so needed to take the time to learn it all and make sure everything integrated without fault).

This weekend gone I was pretty much ready to upload everything to a brand-new portal and excitedly get the word out that FINALLY, my book was launching, my new programs were good to go, and Flourish Boldly was back online and ready for the masses - bigger and better than ever.


On Friday I caught up with my video editor to direct the final tweaks before I could upload them, and he told me that there was audio hissing/feedback in EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. MY. VIDEOS. (that I had spent painstaking hours filming no less), and that it was not able to be fixed.

First I wanted to laugh, thinking it was a joke.

Then I wanted to cry. 

Then I wanted to give up on this crazy vision that I can help thousands of women all around the world to learn what it truly takes to find happiness, fulfilment, and meaning in love, career, and life (setting up a business from scratch is harder than I could have EVER imagined, and TBT, there’s been more than one time that I’ve wanted to pack it all in!!).

BUT I didn't actually do any of these things…

Because I know the message I have to give is FAR GREATER than me, and I have not come this far to only come this far.

So, I circumvented the snag by looking not at the setback, and instead focusing on what I COULD do in that moment, to help me get back on track. 

And I decided the thing that would be most helpful for me at that time was to have the day off, feel all the feels so I could let them go, reboot, and start over. 

I did this by spending quality time with my gorgeous little family - no thinking about Flourish, no doing anything in my business, just being mummy and wifey.

And it felt gooooood.

After that healing down-time, I was ready to pick myself back up and work out a new plan of attack… which didn't need much working out if truth be told, all I need to do is find time to re-film and re-edit over 50 videos. Simple (ha!).

After allowing myself to feel the feels, I considered how I could see this major set-back through a new lens – one that will see me be better today than I was yesterday.

And the outcome of doing this…?

Well, there were things in some of my videos that I thought could have been improved, but that it wasn't worth re-filming just for those bits and pieces (I don't believe in perfect - 'done' is better in my opinion!). But now that I HAVE to re-film, I can do those bits, but way better. 

Happy days.

So if you're waiting on my new programs or book, which I know many are, I ask that you grant me a little more time, and continue to wait with anticipation. It has taken me A LONG time filming every single one of those videos, and now I need to spend that time doing them all again.

Sooo, keep on keeping on, and look out for details when all is ready. The wait will be worth it, trust me

(Oh, and the process I used that was a BIG help for me? It's based on a technique called 'reframing', and it's something I teach in my programs. Definitely helps overcome the setbacks and make a spectacular comeback! #winning)

Catherine Doocey