The secrets to happiness... {according to a 3 year old}

Don't you just love the innocence of kids? 'Out of the mouths of babes' is mostly HILARIOUS, but sometimes scarily accurate!

I'd love to share some of the wisdom from my 3 year old, as I actually think much of it is quite applicable to what the research says about happiness {and just goes to show, you don't need a degree in psychology to understand the basic fundamentals of the human need for happiness...} 

Secret Number 1: 'Biscuits make you happy'
No word of a lie, this came out of Miss 3's mouth the other day! My {almost} 1 year old was crying, and so as any big sister would do, Miss 3 dragged her chair over to the cupboard, climbed up, got out the tin of bickies, and went to give her little sister one exclaiming to me 'biscuits make everyone happy mummy'. 

And you know what, Miss 1 stopped crying, smiled at her sister, and happily ate her bland old Arrowroot biscuit {she doesn't know any different at this stage, lol! Just wait til she realises there is a WHOLE WORLD of tastier bickies out there - look out!!!}

So what underpins this innocent yet fundamental truth? 

A few things actually, but 2 mainly...  1. a random act of kindness brings joy both to the giver and receiver, 2. it was an act of love whereby a need was recognised and acted upon.

The research supports both these things as key contributers to feelings of connection and happiness. Way to go Miss 3! Setting a good example for your sister and giving mummy the satisfaction of seeing research findings play out in real life... 

Secret #2: Hugs make everything better
Ever since she was able to give hugs, Miss 3 has been giving them out prolifically. I have produced a 'hugger' {not one bit surprising to those who know me well, lol}. Before she even knew what a hug was {or could talk for that matter}, if there was another child crying she would instinctively go over to them and give them a hug, and still does to this day. 

How simple yet beautiful is that?

We as humans need connection - we were designed for this, to be in relationship. In fact, because we have such a strong need for this, it is our relationships with those close to us that have the power to either make us the happiest we can be {think of the first flutters of being in love}, or the saddest {think of breakups, death of a loved one, etc.}.'Physical touch' is a strong love language {and incidentally, is one of mine}, and can often be the thing you need in that moment to feel better. And a funny story? I said to Miss 3 the other day, "I'm not happy with what you have just done", and her response? "That's ok mummy, let me give you a hug coz hug's with me make you happy". Ah, bless {she's equally smart as she is cheeky that one}! Got me wrapped around her little finger much!?!?!?

Secret #3: Full tummies reduce angry monsters
"I feel better when I eat mummy" is yet another gem to come out of the mouth of my babe {her happy food of choice currently is 'pasta', and that has stayed pretty consistent to be honest}. 

'Hangry' is actually a thing, lol! And what better way to have this highlighted to you than through the innocent truth of children who haven't yet learnt the art of 'filtering' their emotional outbursts. 

If you're aware of any of the 'hierarchy of needs' research, then you'll know that food, hydration, sleep, etc. are some of the most fundamental, basic needs of human functioning. When those basic needs have been more or less met, then we're able to progress to the higher order of needs.

Why is this important?

Because it's nigh on impossible to experience the higher order feelings of happiness, joy, contentment, fulfilment, etc. when you're hangry and tired! Simple.

So there's but a mere small sample of the innocent truths that come from our little people. 

Bless 'em hey? 

If any of this has resonated with you or you'd like to find out more about how to bring more happiness and joy into your LIFE ~ LOVE ~ CAREER then jump online and schedule a Flourish Clarity Call with me. It would be my pleasure to have a chat with you and see if I can help in any way.

Until next time!

With love + joy,

Cath xo

Catherine Doocey