Frequently Asked Questions

is this program/coaching right for me?

Great question! I'd be asking the same thing if I was in your shoes. But let me answer your question with a question coz I this this might help {I am a psychologist afterall - lol}....

Could you benefit from changing where things are 'at' for you in life, your relationships, or your career? Are you wanting to make a positive change in your life, relationships, or career? Can you remember a time when you felt on top of everything and were thriving, and want to get back to that place again?

If your answer is "yes", "I think so", or even "I'm not sure" then I can say with great confidence this program is for you.

You have what it takes within you to flourish, you just need to be asked the right questions and given the right 'tools' to help you, that's all. 

And, if you're already doing 'well' in these areas, well that's awesome! But my question to that is, "do you want to be doing 'great'"? If the answer to this is yes, then my answer to you is also "yes". This is the program for you.  

Do I really need this program / coaching?

If you think you have to be 'down' or 'struggling' in order to benefit from coaching, you're not alone. That's a common misconception. But if you ask me, ANYONE, no matter where they are in their developmental journey, can benefit from engaging a coach at a given point in time. In fact, coaching is a fantastic way to go from 'good to great' and help you achieve your goals/dreams/desires, or to simply get you back to being the 'you' you were designed to be.

Whether or not you need coaching depends on what you want to achieve, and how successful you have been on your own trying to achieve it.  Can I hazard a guess that you need a little help getting what it is you're currently seeking in life {otherwise you wouldn't be on my website reading this}? I think maybe there's something inside you saying 'I could do with a little help in <x, y, z>'. And if so, that's great insight to have! Means you're already ahead of the game and that you and I are likely to get along famously <wink>.

what is the foundation of the program?

The Flourish Boldly program is founded on Positive Psychology principles. But you may ask {and rightly so} just what this 'Positive Psychology' is all about!?

Well, let me tell you first what it is not... it's not 'fluffy'. It's not being blindly optimistic and 'hoping' for the best. And it's not an endless pursuit of continual happiness. Instead {and here's me getting all nerdy on you}, the field of Positive Psychology offers a scientific foundation to the art of 'flourishing'. It helps individuals find their strengths and virtues which when applied, enable them to thrive {Gable & Haidt, 2005, Sheldon & King, 2001}. It holds the belief that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, where they cultivate what is best within them, in order to enhance their experiences of love, work, and play {Positive Psychology Center, 2016}. 

The field of Positive Psychology is intended to complement rather than replace traditional psychology. It does not diminish the importance of studying how things go wrong and fixing one's problems {aka, the focus of traditional psychology}, instead it seeks to emphasize the importance of determining how things go right, what faciltiated this outcome {i.e. strengths}, and encourage one to do more of that.



Are there any guarantees this will work for me?

To an extent, yes, but also, no. Let me explain... The program is 'evidence-based' meaning it has been designed using scientific research from the field of Positive Psychology {check out the 'program foundation' qn on this page for details on this}. This research indicates that the more elements of positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning, and accomplishments a person has in their life, the greater their reported levels of wellbeing and happiness (i.e. 'flourishing'). That's the 'yes' part of the question - studies have shown that doing the activities in this program will help you 'flourish'. How awesome is that?!

Having said that however, the 'no' is there are so many variables in one person's life that there can be no guarantees made regarding the program's efficacy at an individual level.  At the risk of sounding blunt, it's up to you how well the program works for you. It will work if you want it to, and I will do everything in my power to ensure you get the outcomes you long for {but if after you've had your first session you don't think this is for you, then you can request a full refund with no guilt, no issues, and full of grace}.

How long does the program run for?

The group component of the Flourish Boldly program runs over 6 weeks. Please see the program calendar for intake dates.

how much Time is involved?

That depends... The amount of time you dedicate to engaging in the program material is entirely up to you. There will be 6 x 1 hour live group sessions held weekely. That's the main commitment. There will be practical actions for you to undertake in between sessions.

The amount of time you spend doing the 'in-between' activities will align with your level of desire for growth and change. For those committed to seeing change, it is recommended that you dedicate on average 30 minutes across any given day to your development. However, the time does not need to be in a 'block' - it can be spread out over a period of time {i.e. 5 mins here, 10 mins there, type of thing}.   

Can I just engage You for coaching only?

Yes, in addition to personal growth, I take 1:1 coaching clients for a variety of focus areas including women in leadership, emotional intelligence, resilience, communication, etc. If you are interested in personal coaching with me, please submit an enquiry -  I'd love to hear from you and talk through your area of coaching focus and what you hope to achieve.