‘5 to Thrive’ Program 

5 to Thrive is fast, fun, and focused on you
finding (and using!) your Signature Strengths!
— Cath Doocey - Program Founder

Launched in early 2019, the 5 to Thrive program is the latest of the offerings brought to you by Flourish Psychology International.

If you enjoy short, sharp, and straight to the point development exercises, then ‘5 to Thrive’ Program could be the perfect fit…!

This fast-paced self-directed program uses scientifically validated exercises that boost wellbeing in a lasting way. Based on the science of Character Strengths, it helps you understand what makes you ‘You’, what brings you most joy when you do it, and guides you through applying your strengths across a number of areas so you can feel


More engaged



Through engaging in regular, short, simple, exercises you’ll begin to build a positive mindset PLUS the skills that have the potential to enhance your wellbeing.

Most of all, it’s FUN TO DO – if you have half as much fun doing it as I did creating it, then you’re in for a treat!

52T Pre-Program Prep.jpg

Who it’s for

‘5 to Thrive’ has been designed for those who are looking to enhance their current state of wellbeing.

It is a fast paced, activity based program that guides you to do small things daily associated with your character strengths to proactively better your state of wellbeing.

All activities are research based and backed by scientific evidence.

Don’t think you’ve got enough time to commit to a ‘program’?

That’s ok, I’ve got you covered as it’s been designed for the time poor…

Delivered in short bursts {5 min vid + 5 step activity + 5 days of the week + 5 weeks} you’ve got no good reason not to do it!


  • Pre-Program Preparation {mindset + Character Strengths Assessment}

  • Strengths Week

  • Gratitude/happiness Week

  • Boss-Lady {Work} Week

  • Relationships Week

  • Resilience Week

The Structure

  • 5 week development program

  • 5-step activities, delivered via a 5 {or so} minute video

  • 5 days of the week

  • Accessed via a dedicated program portal

  • Fully customised workbooks to be downloaded and printed at the start of each week

  • A BONUS weekly printable {see inset picture for example>>} to help keep everything front of mind for you across the 5 weeks for you to print and post up somewhere that you’ll see it regularly

If you’re ready to boost your wellbeing by building your Character Strengths, be sure to click below and register today!

Please note: By clicking on the link you will be redirected to a SECURE payment platform external to this website. Should you prefer a manual payment process, please submit a support request via hello@flourishboldly.com