Flourish Boldly program

Flourish Boldly helps you find the YOU you were designed to be...
the amazing things about you that light you up when you use them.
— Cath Doocey, Program Founder

Established in 2017, the Flourish Boldly Program is the flagship offering of Flourish Psychology International.

The program has been created to help those who are dissatisfied and tired of where they are currently in LOVE | CAREER | LIFE, find their best selves again.

It consists of a Welcome Module + 6 x video-based modules with supplementary material. Modules can be completed at your convenience, however it is recommended that in order to gain and maintain momentum {thereby increasing your potential for lasting change to occur}, one module is completed per week.

To help achieve the best outcomes possible, your progress is suported through a variety of support options tailored to best meet your needs.

The content included takes the science of Positive Psychology and delivers it from a Christian perspective*.

Provided below is an overview of the specific content areas…


Prelude: Welcome Module

  • Program introduction

  • Defining what you want to achieve

  • How to make what you’re learning stick

  • What you can expect in the program

TIME: 20 min video + 30 min development exercise

Module 1 : Foundations of Flourishing

  • The dangers of pursuing ‘happiness’

  • Why you can rest assured that this is NOT another ‘bright and shiny’ thing filled with false promise

  • Your ‘pillars of wellbeing’ and how these help you to flourish {or not, as the case may be}

  • What can happen if you don’t set your pillars in the right foundations

TIME: 20 min video + 5 mins daily development exercise



Module 2: THe Value of values

  • The underlying drivers of what you think/feel/do

  • How ‘values’ could be the answer to why you’re not flourishing

  • Understanding your own values and why they matter SO much

  • How to end the hollow chase after everything ‘bright and shiny'

TIME: 20 min video + 15 minute online values assessment + 1 hour development exercise

Module 3: Mindset Matters

  • The simple science of why mindset matters

  • Defining your mindset - growth vs fixed

  • Changing your mindset to help you flourish

  • Discovering the power of one little 3-letter-word {and what it can do for you}

TIME: 20 min video + 10 min online mindset assessment + 10 min daily development exercise



Module 4: THe Strength of you

  • The science of strengths and how they can light you up when you use them

  • How to become the ‘me’ you were designed to be

  • Know thyself {and your strengths}

  • Gaining maximum benefit to find your best YOU!

TIME: 20 min video + 10 min online strengths assessment + 10 min daily development exercise.

Module 5: The outcomes of flourishing

  • What you can expect to see when you’re flourishing {outcomes}

  • How this applies to YOU personally

  • Learning the secret of what makes ALL the difference

  • Defining what makes you happy, energises you, and gives your life meaning

TIME: 20 min video + 10 min daily development exercise



Module 6: Your Success Formula

  • Program recap

  • Measuring your progress

  • A formula for flourishing {to help you stay the path}

  • A celebration of the magnificence of YOU!

TIME: 20 min video + 30 min daily development exercise

*Whilst this program delivers Psychological science from a Christian perspective, it is not a ‘Christian teaching’ program. Participants do not need to be Christian to participate, or have any prexisting knowledge of the faith in order to gain the benefits that personal development brings.