Learning process

The program is uniquely structured in such a way that it meets you where you are at, and helps you to move forward from that point. It does this through a highly effective and personalised process of LEARN ~ APPLY ~ REFLECT. See below for details. 



As with any development program, there is a lot to learn {but please don't mistake this to be traditional theory-based learning - it's definitely not that!}. You learn about your strengths, your values, your mindset, and the practical things you can do to step into more of what you seek - more happiness, more fulfilment, better relationships, a change in job/career, and so on. Regardless of your particular focus for change, the content will be relevant; it has been designed so that it meets you where you are at and helps you to move forward from that point. It is also founded on evidence-based-practice from the field of positive psychology, so you can rest assured that what you are being taught has a solid foundation and has been shown to work. 



A key part of the program is taking what you have learnt and applying it. This means between each module you get out there and get doing! By applying what you are learning, you will demonstrate the power of the '3 H's' (head / heart / habit); the content will go from being 'head' knowledge, to 'heart' knowledge, which then has the greatest potential to turn into a positive 'habit' (life change). 

The application ranges from personal reflection on a questions relevant to that module, through to awareness raising exercises, and exercises that help you connect with and relate to others close to you. The time it takes depends on you, however expect to dedicate 10-20 mins per day and you'll be well on track.




The greatest learning comes when there is a combination of theory, application, and REFLECTION on what went well / what could have been done differently. So many of us learn, apply, and stop there. But this is falling short of the REAL lesson to be learned... this can only come when you create the space to truly reflect on your experience/s. 'Failure' is not failure, it's a precious lesson that keeps you refining yourself and your actions.


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